7 Excellent Benefits of Probiotics for Babies

7 awesome benefits of probiotics for babies

Are you constantly worried that your baby is going to catch some infection because of low immunity? After all, infants have a weaker immune system than adults and providing the right kind of food is the best way to strengthen it. And in this regard, foods rich in probiotics steal the show for sure. Probiotics are ‘friendly bacteria’ that enhance your child’s digestive system and should be an essential part of his daily diet. Here are 7 excellent benefits of giving your baby probiotics:

  1. Reduce gastrointestinal problems: Approximately 30% of the population in developing countries is affected by food-borne diarrhoea every year. And many of them are children. Probiotics can improve your baby’s gut health though and reduce problems associated with the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Strengthen immune system: A baby’s immune system plays an important role in determining his overall health and development. And probiotics help in improving your child’s immune system. They can help in fighting urinary tract infection, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhoea caused by antibiotics or infections etc.
  3. Reduction of allergy: Probiotics can go a long way in fighting common food allergies. However, you should always consult a doctor before giving your baby the same.
  4. The baby’s feed impacts the type of bacteria in his gut: Before a child is born, his intestine is sterile and free from any sort of microorganisms. But as soon as the baby starts consuming milk and is exposed to the environment, various types of bacterial growth start in his gut, depending upon the type of feed he gets. Baby probiotics improve the intestinal functions and help strengthen the immune system. So, the sooner probiotics microflora gets established in your baby’s intestines, the better it will be for his overall health.
  5. Significance during pregnancy and lactation period: If probiotics are taken by a mother regularly during the pregnancy and the lactation period, it will closely influence the development and composition of the probiotics microflora in the baby’s body. And this will help strengthen the baby’s immune response to pathogens.
  6. Probiotic intake during pregnancy strengthens the immunity of the child: Presence of probiotics in a mother’s diet during pregnancy and lactation can strengthen the immune system of the baby and also provide protection against atopic eczema till the child is 2 years of age.
  7. Synthesis of vitamin K: Probiotics not only boost the baby’s immune system in multiple ways, but these also help in the synthesis of vitamin K in the child’s body. And vitamin K can help control diarrhoea to a great extent.

To conclude, it is clear from the above points that probiotics can be immensely beneficial to your baby’s growth and development. From boosting digestive health to enhancing immunity, these healthy bacteria can do wonders. And yoghurt is the most popular and widely consumed probiotic food in India, and can benefit both pregnant and lactating mothers as well as their children.