5 things to do when your baby is rejecting new food

5 things to do when your baby is rejecting new food

Is your little one making a face when you are offering her new food? Are you afraid that she will keep rejecting whatever you try to feed her? If you are having difficulties finding success at introducing new foods to your baby, try these easy tips to make get your child to eat new food.

  1. Mix various foods

    Whenever you try a portion of new food with your baby, always serve it with a food that is familiar to him or her. You can even mix them. For example, if your 1-year-old baby refuses to eat peaches, you can try mixing it with banana. This way, you can introduce a new fruit to your baby without any hassles.

  2. Be patient with the baby

    Patience is very important while handling a baby. If your infant is refusing to eat a new food item, wait for her to open her mouth. Then, without any haste, just touch the tip of the spoon to her mouth and slowly feed her.

  3. Make eating a good experience

    Make eating an enjoyable and positive experience for kids. Do not pressurize her to eat a new food item, or else, she will definitely refuse to eat.

  4. Respect your baby’s reaction

    Watch out for your baby’s reaction when you offer any new food to her. Do not overfeed. Stop as soon as she is done, even if it is after eating a small amount.

  5. Set a good example before your baby

    Parents are always role models for their children. Your baby will repeat whatever you do. So, if you refuse to eat any food and make faces, your child will also follow you. To avoid this, learn to appreciate whatever food is being given to you.

Introducing any new food item to a baby is a very gradual, yet important step. You have to take care that your baby gets accustomed to the new food, even if it is taking a lot of time. Being in haste never helps. Load up on patience and give your baby sufficient time to accept the new food. Let her cope with this change in a positive manner and watch her grow to be healthy and happy!