A sandwich is probably one of the most versatile dishes. You can pretty much slap in anything between the two slices of breads and you have a filling preparation that can be had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are very easy to make, convenient to carry to school and are healthy options too. As children usually spend little time on their meals, especially when they are at school, a sandwich can be a good lunch option. It is easy to have and doesn’t take much time. Plus, the mess will be less as well. So, here are some healthy sandwich ideas for school that you can try out:

Cucumber hung yoghurt sandwich:

Cucumber is a natural coolant and so is hung yoghurt. And their combination makes for cheap healthy sandwiches. Cut the cucumbers into thin slices and pat them dry. Combine hung yoghurt, dill, lemon zest, lime juice, salt and pepper in a bowl. Spread butter or ghee on one side of the multigrain bread and the hung curd mix on the other side. Cover it with a bread slice and serve.

Cheese and broccoli sandwich:

This is a simple sandwich that includes greens like broccoli and cheese that your kids will love. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Spread olive oil, salt, pepper and broccoli florets on the oven sheet and bake for around ten minutes. Heat a tawa or pan. Spread butter on one side of the multigrain bread and place it on the hot pan. Add a slice of cheese on it, the broccoli florets next and top it up with another slice of cheese. Once the cheese melts a little, add another slice of bread on it. Cook both the sides of the sandwich and serve it hot. This is one of the healthy sandwich recipes for dinner too.

Veggie hummus sandwich:

Spread hummus on one side of the multigrain bread and avocado on the other side. Stuff the sandwich with greens, bell pepper, cucumber and carrots, all finely chopped. You can even refrigerate this sandwich for up to four hours.

Avocado sandwich:

Avocado is very rich in nutrients that are beneficial for babies, toddlers, kids and even adults. An avocado sandwich is one of the healthy sandwich recipes that can be made easily for toddlers. Wash the avocados and slice them into halves. Remove the big seed in the centre and scoop out the inner flesh. Mash the avocados. Then mix onions, tomatoes, capsicum, chilli powder, pepper, coriander leaves, lime juice and salt in a bowl along with the avocados. Take a slice of multigrain bread, spread the avocado mix and put another slice of bread on top. Spread some butter or ghee on the outside of the breads. Heat a pan and transfer the bread slices onto the hot pan. Cook until they are brown on both sides and serve.

Chicken club sandwich:

Spread mustard on each slice of multigrain bread. You will need small pieces of cooked chicken, either baked in the oven or grilled on a hot pan. Place the cooked chicken, cucumber slices, avocado, roasted pepper, cheese and sprouts on one slice of the bread. Cover it up with another slice of the bread and serve hot.

When you serve sandwiches to your kids, also make sure that they look appealing. You can make a simple smiling face on the sandwich using a sauce of their choice. In case you are making an open sandwich, you can arrange the toppings nicely to make a face. If you have a sandwich cutter, you can even cut the sandwiches into unique shapes like star, plane, etc. You can also make sandwiches more colourful by using different vegetables and fruits. If you are packing sandwiches for lunch, use a foil or cling wrap to keep them neat and in place.