Ask any child whether he or she likes a burger, the answer will invariably be yes. The problem is most burgers that children eat come from restaurants, which means they are rich in saturated fats, excess salt and contain unhealthy sauces or dressings. To resolve this issue, you can make tasty burgers at home. You can serve healthy burgers for breakfast or as an evening snack. Here are some homemade burger patty recipes that will delight the taste buds of your little one. You can also encourage your child to make one on his own by assembling the buns and patties along with lettuce and tomato.

The Healthy Green Burger

If your child is not a big fan of greens, you should try to pack them in this vibrant green burger made with spinach. You can serve it with any homemade sauce and sweet potato fries to enhance the taste while sneaking in healthy greens. Don’t be surprised if he comes back for more.

Burger patty recipe for healthy green burger

  • Chop some onions and keep them ready.
  • Add some oil to the frying pan and fry the onions for about 10 minutes. Make sure they are a little pale before you cool them down.
  • Chop the spinach leaves and add the fried onions. Along with it add nutmeg, breadcrumbs, cheese (cheddar or parmesan as per your child’s preference) and mash it all together.
  • Beat an egg and add it to the mixture with the spinach, and divide it into some small portions.
  • Make a patty out of each portion.
  • Dunk the patty in a bowl with flour and coat it properly. Keep it in a refrigerator to chill.
  • When you are ready to cook, fry the patty in oil for about 5 minutes till it turns brown on all sides.
  • Then, sandwich the patty in between whole-grain burger buns.
  • You can serve it with sliced tomatoes and onions. Add some potato fries as sides along with ketchup.

Vegetarian Cheese Burger

This version can become popular with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is easy to make and can pack a punch of nutrition while being easy on the palate.

Burger patty recipe for vegetarian cheeseburger

  • Add some oil to a pan and heat it on medium flame.
  • Add some vegetables, seasoning and soy sauce and cook for 10 minutes. Keep stirring occasionally.
  • Add these ingredients to a food processor along with beans, cheese, seasoning, and bread and make a thick paste.
  • Mix the paste thoroughly with hands and make 6 to 8 patties out of it. Allow these to cool down or put them in the fridge.
  • When you are ready to cook, fry the patty for 2 to 3 minutes until it is brown on all sides. Serve it with whole-grain buns, salad, and any homemade sauce.

Black Beans Veg Burger

If your child likes black beans, this is one of the best burger patty recipes you can try.

Burger patty recipe for vegetarian black bean burger

  • Add some black beans to a food processor.
  • Cut red bell pepper and onions into small pieces and add them to the food processor along with chopped garlic. Blend.
  • Make patties out of this thick mixture and place them on a wax paper for cooling down.
  • Once the patties are ready, cook them on medium heat for 7 to 8 minutes.
  • Assemble the patties with whole-grain buns, lettuce, tomato, other vegetables, and homemade sauce or dressing.

Super Mini Chicken Burgers

If your child loves to have chicken, this burger patty recipe for kids is a great option. You can increase the size based on the requirement. This involves the use of lean meat, which has good nutritional value. Its mini size makes it interesting, while the taste is absolutely delicious.

Burger patty recipe for super mini chicken burger

  • Heat the grill to a medium temperature.
  • Add chickpeas to a food processor and mash them up. Add the mixture to a bowl with onions, minced chicken, and sweet potato. Keep the mixture frozen.
  • When you are ready, make a few mini burger patties with the mixture.
  • Take a baking sheet and spray oil on the top. Add the mini burgers on the baking sheet and grill them for around 10 minutes.
  • Take the burger buns and apply mayonnaise or a homemade sauce.
  • Now comes the assembling part. Make a mini burger with buns, burger patty, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and any homemade dressing or sauce that your child likes. You can add some sides like baked potato wedges to make it interesting.

Fish Burger

Fish is a good source of protein and tastes great. It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids as well, which is good for your child’s heart. Fish burgers are easy to cook and makes up a healthy quick meal.

Burger patty recipe for fish burger

  • Select the fish as per your child’s taste.
  • Cut it into small pieces and make sure to remove all bones.
  • Take some flour in a bowl and add some seasoning like pepper, salt, garlic powder or onion powder.
  • You need to keep 2 more bowls ready, one with a beaten egg and the other with bread crumbs.
  • Dunk the fish pieces in the flour and dip them in the beaten egg. Then coat them with bread crumbs and let them chill for 10 minutes.
  • Cook the coated fish pieces in oil for around 3 to 4 minutes until they look golden in colour.
  • Spread some homemade sauce on a sliced whole-grain bun and add the fish patty on top of it. Top it with another sliced bun. You can serve it with salad.

Remember, the process of making these patties is quite simple and requires following a few simple instructions of mixing, freezing and cooking. In this article, we discussed some of the best burger patty recipes. Once you get comfortable making these burgers, you can get more creative and try other recipes with many other ingredients.