Vijaya asked
9th May, 20 05:09 PM

My daughter motion has tightly and blood layer is coming . Worry about that. What should I do

  • Subha N 2 weeks 3 days

    To stop this immediately give duphalac. You haven't mentioned the age so if she is below 2to 3 yrs give 2.5 to 3ml above 3 yrs u can give 5 ml. Just give after her dinner. This is a quick remedy start reducing this slowly 1st reduce the quantity then give alternative days then stop. To stop this prob in future soak 5 to 7 raisins if she is below 2 yrs above 2 yrs can soak 10 raisins in water every night. Morning just squeeze it throughly and give tat water she will be relieved soon all the best. This is my experience consult with doctor once.