Puneet asked
2nd Apr, 20 11:30 AM

My Kid is fat and hence i have started him other sugars, is that fine??

  • Asknestle Comment 1 year 1 month

    All forms of sugars like jaggery, brown sugar, honey etc. give equivalent calories, however natural forms have nutrients like iron, potassium, magnesium in small quantities. Therefore, natural forms of sugar like jaggery, honey, dates paste should be given in place of normal white sugar, but in recommended amounts and as a part of balanced diet. A child requires approximately 5-6 tsp of added sugar in a day. To maintain a healthy weight of the child, give a healthy balanced diet and encourage him/her for a regular physical activity. Give small and frequent home cooked meals throughout the day and hydrate the child well. Do not stock snacks which are high in fat, sugar or refined flour like cookies, biscuits, chips, colas etc. Instead give healthier snacks like veg sandwich, oats idli, chana chaat, veg cheela/rolls etc.