ravisingh952@gmail.com asked
2nd May, 22 04:31 PM

My child is 4.8 years of age and their weight is 15.1kg which is below average. What should I do to increase their weight to average weight level.

  • Asknestle Comment 6 months 1 week


    For a proper physical growth, your child requires a balanced diet consisting of-

    1. Carbohydrates- Wheat roti, rice, poha, upma, parantha, porridge etc. These foods give energy for various physical and mental tasks.

    2. Protein- Eggs, milk, pulses, paneer, curd, beans, chickpea, chicken, fish etc. These foods are required for muscle growth.

    3. Healthy fats- almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins etc. Healthy fats are required for proper functioning of hormones that affect physical growth. 

    4. Weight gain drink- Blend banana, berries, soaked nuts (almonds, peanuts), and dates with milk to make a healthy milkshake that kids enjoy

    5. Healthiest foods for weight gain- Rice, Eggs, Potatoes (avoid fried potato, choose boiled potato to make chaat, or toast and sandwich)

    These tips can help to stimulate hunger in kids- 

    1. Physical activity - Playing and moving around makes kids hungry in no time.

    2. Fruits like pomegranate, peach, and plums are good for digestion and normalize hunger.