paddy asked
7th Dec, 21 08:56 PM

how i can check for good food test?

  • Asknestle Comment 7 months 3 weeks

    Hi there, thanks for your question! We understand your concern as a parent about the quality of food your child eats. You only want the best for your child, and this also applies to their food!

    Most often, kids lean towards junk foods as they think more with their taste buds than with their minds! However, the good news is that, in India, only FSSAI-approved food flavourings are used by reputed manufacturers. Hence, moderate consumption will not harm your child. 

    Make sure that the food package has flavouring agents mentioned on the label, since this will mean that the brand ensures transparency and can be trusted. Artificial flavours should also be mentioned on the label.

    As a consumer, watch out for the FSSAI logo with Lic. No. as well.

    We hope this helps!