Utkarsha asked
2nd Apr, 20 10:20 AM

Hi, my 3 year old kid hates spinach and methi. I have tried to feed it in purees but he just doesn't eat, he is not getting enough iron. Please help!

  • Asknestle Comment 5 months

    Iron is found in multiple foods like beans (Rajma, chana, black beans etc.), green leafy vegetables, whole grains like whole wheat flour, bajra, nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and if non-vegetarian, eggs, chicken and meat livers are good sources. Therefore, if the child rejects green leafy vegetables, other iron rich foods can be included in the child’s diet, however you may also try including greens in other appealing ways like mashed in dough to make parathas or purees, mix vegetable soups with bread croutons, add pureed greens to gravies or child’s favorite pasta etc. Iron can be easily included in child’s diet in following ways: - Add powdered nuts to milkshakes, smoothies, porridge etc. An egg in form of cheese omelet, French toast, egg sandwiches etc. Make multigrain chapattis/parathas. Include a bowl of rajma/chana twice to thrice a week. Try making delicious rajma pulao or chana cutlets