Sonu asked
4th Oct, 21 04:19 PM

Hi everyone Mera beta vitamind ki kmihm kaiseusepurakru

  • Asknestle Comment 1 week 6 days

    Hi there, thanks a lot for your question. Like most parents, we're sure you have concerns about whether your child is getting enough of the essential nutrients, and one of them is vitamin D! Vitamin D is important for keeping your child's bones strong and heart healthy. It also helps your child fight infections.

    Here are some sources of vitamin D:

    • Sunlight (even 15–20 minutes in the sun daily can help your child meet their vitamin D requirements!)
    • Egg yolks
    • Mushrooms
    • Oily fish
    • Dairy products with vitamin D added

    Check out these other examples of how your child can meet their daily needs:

    • For 1–3 year olds: one egg
    • For 4–8 year olds: 2 to 3 eggs
    • For 9–18 year olds: one cup of mushrooms

    We hope these tips help!