Kandy asked
15th Sep, 21 07:01 PM

Hi my son shaurya is 4 yr 1 month old and he is not taking his diet properly he just like sweet things to eat

  • Asknestle Comment 3 weeks 6 days

    Thank you for your question! Feeding fussy eaters can be a major challenge. From being obsessed with one type of food and refusing to eat anything else to not eating enough food, we understand your son may be giving you a pretty hard time! It may seem impossible to feed him any healthy food, but the battle can become simpler if you understand the reason for the fuss and work your way around that.

    This article has some of our best tips on dealing with fussy eating: https://www.asknestle.in/expert-advice/13-tips-can-actually-get-your-fussy-eater-eat

    Although many kids can't resist sweet treats, added sugar often has empty calories and can offer more problems than benefits. But don't worry — there are easy ways to help your 4-year-old, Shaurya, reduce his dietary sugar intake: https://www.asknestle.in/expert-advice/7-practical-ways-cut-back-sugar-your-childs-diet