Shini asked
2nd Sep, 21 06:42 PM

Could you please suggest weight gain recipes for 8yr old boy?

  • Asknestle Comment 1 week 5 days

    Hi, thanks for your question! 

    Like most parents, we're sure you want to do what's best for your child. But you know how children are, they grow at their own pace! Too much or too little of anything can be bad, and this holds true for your child’s weight as well. To help your 8-year-old gain weight, a balanced diet is the most important step! Fortunately you don't have to put in the effort to create a balanced diet, here is a free meal plan you can use for your child:

    You can also use our easy growth tracker tool to track how your son is growing:

    What does your 8-year-old like to eat? This article has useful information about helping your child gain weight in a healthy way:

    If you still have concerns, we suggest you contact your paediatrician. We hope this helps!