Krishna asked
4th Sep, 20 09:57 PM

He want to eat to much sweet

  • Fodtest Fodtest 3 months

  • Asknestle Comment 4 months 1 week

    Hi, thanks for your question! This is a common problem faced by many parents.

    Eating too many sugary foods can put your child at risk of various health problems. Additionally, if they eat too much sweet foods, they may miss out on natural, healthy foods that contain protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. Some of the harmful effects of sugar in toddlers are:

    1. Empty calories provided by sugary foods can lead to obesity.
    2. Sugar acts as food for bacteria and chewing on such foods regularly can cause tooth decay.
    3. Consumption of sugary and caffeinated drinks can also cause sleeplessness in kids.

    Find out more about the subject here:

    Stay healthy!