jigyasamadaan09@gmail.com asked
2nd Apr, 20 10:10 AM

My 1 year baby is only eating a little homemade food at a time, I am not sure he is getting enough nutrition. What should I do?

  • Asknestle Comment 5 months

    I can truly understand your concern! Small babies of similar age are developing taste for homemade foods other than breastfeed. Try feeding small and frequent meals throughout the day with appropriate time gap. A child’s tummy size is small but nutritional needs are high, therefore he/she will have food in small quantities at a time. Try making meals nutrient dense. Here are a few tips to make your baby’s diet more nutrient dense: Add ghee to khichdi/dalia Add powdered nuts like almonds/cashews to milk porridge. Add vegetables like spinach, carrots to khichdi Peel out a ripe banana and mash it along with rice. You can prepare dry mixes like flour of germinated cereals, roasted Bengal gram and peanuts. Etc. Mix it with milk/vegetable purees/dal etc. Continue breastfeeding as and when the child demands or fix certain timings during the day- twice to thrice a day.