Limcy asked
2nd Apr, 20 05:49 PM

My baby sometimes has loose motions, what should I do? She is 6 months old, is there any way I can prevent it?

  • Asknestle Comment 1 year 3 months

    The child must have started semi solids after completing 6 months of age. Babies’ digestive system is weak and still developing. Transition from milk to semi solids might affect the child’s digestive system. The child might develop certain food allergies too which might lead to lose motions. Please get in touch with your doctor for appropriate analysis. Once the child recuperates, give one food at a time and continue for a week to see if the child is able to digest it properly and do not develop any allergies. Gradually add another food in the child’s diet. Give easily digestible foods initially to the child like rice, mashed banana, boiled and pureed vegetables, mashed potato or sweet potato etc. Do not force feed the child and start with ½ -1 tsp of food at a time. Give small and frequent meals. Continue breastfeeding the child
  • Deepak Sharma 1 year 3 months

    I have tried some medicine As suggested by doctor ..but I didn't found proper solution.