Gaurav asked
2nd Apr, 20 10:07 AM

My child doesn’t want to eat anything but pizza, how can I get him to eat healthier food?

  • Asknestle Comment 7 months 1 week

    Children are generally fussy eaters at this age! They have small stomach size but high nutritional needs therefore, it becomes crucial to feed the child with nutritious food which should be appealing at the same time. Pizzas can be made healthier by using a whole wheat base, replacing half of the cheese with grated paneer or tofu and adding colorful vegetables. Other than this try making appealing recipes with available ingredients at home and make the meals nutrients dense: - Add powdered nuts to delicious fruit milkshakes Try making fruit popsicles Add chopped or grated veggies/egg/pieces of chicken to the child’s favorite pasta. Make vegetable/chicken or fish cutlets in interesting shapes. Make a home- made burger with a vegetable or rajma patties. Other ways that you may try to inculcate healthy eating habits in the child: - Be a role model. Eat healthy and store healthy food at home. Involve the child in cooking or grocery shopping Make mealtime fun times by telling stories Explain the benefits of healthy food to the child