Sunita asked
2nd Apr, 20 10:05 AM

I am a vegan and now that I have stopped breast feeding I think I will get my child to be vegan as well. Is there any negative implication?

  • Asknestle Comment 1 year 2 months

    A vegan diet is equally good as vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet. It can help lower cholesterol and improve the health of your kid’s heart as most of the saturated fats contributing to cholesterol come from meat and full fat dairy products. However, if you are raising your child vegan, it is essential that they get all the nutrients that they are missing out on from animal sources like iron, vitamin b12, calcium, protein and Vitamin D. Try including these nutrients by adding following foods in diet: A tsp of powdered nuts (Good source of protein, iron) in smoothies/shakes/porridge etc. You can even make delicious nut and dates ladoo. A bowl of green leafy vegetables (rich in iron and calcium) – as mashed in dough to make chapattis, parathas, soups, gravies etc. You can make whole wheat or multigrain wrap with bean filling or rice or even a rajma sandwich. Beans are good sources of protein and iron. Include a tsp of sesame seeds in diet as they are one of the good sources of Calcium. You can increase your child’s iron absorption by adding a Vitamin C source along with iron rich food. For example, having an orange or tomato juice along with bean soup can be helpful. As Vitamin B12 is majorly found in animal foods, you should add fortified foods or supplements in child’s diet after consulting the doctor.