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  • What are the nutrient-rich food a toddler should eat?
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  • Should salt and sugar be avoided at the early stages of child's growth cycle?
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  • When should solid food be introduced to babies?
  • Looking for food to improve your child's immunity?
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  • Are there any Substitutes for rice for a toddler?
Jaya asked
18th May, 20 07:49 PM

My daughter is 1yearnold....her weight is 8.5....she had reflux problem... please tell me...what should I do

Shubha asked
18th May, 20 05:44 PM

My son is 4 years old and his weight is only 12 kg... He is fussy eater... How to increase his weight.. Plz suggest

Mohan asked
18th May, 20 02:09 AM

Worried about my 10 year old son. Not growing well in weight and height .any recomend doctor or specific treatment , pls read more

Sravani asked
17th May, 20 06:03 PM

My baby is 11 months 20 days so he is not interested to anything he wants to eat him self what should I do what are the... read more

Shloka asked
16th May, 20 07:49 PM

Suggest diet for weight gain for 6year old girl?

Romi asked
16th May, 20 09:06 AM

My 4 years old daughter has constipation. How can I cure her ?

Sweta asked
12th May, 20 03:02 PM

My daughter is 17 month she has constipation problem doc has suggested not to give juice milk also not more than 250 ml... read more

Subha asked
11th May, 20 11:52 PM

My younger one who is one year old is not feeling hungry at all she is not eating properly

Balram asked
10th May, 20 02:27 AM

How to increase poor appetite of lakshya

Vijaya asked
9th May, 20 05:09 PM

My daughter motion has tightly and blood layer is coming . Worry about that. What should I do