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  • What are the nutrient-rich food a toddler should eat?
  • Can fruits like mangoes and oranges be given to a 7-month-old baby?
  • What to do when a baby refuses to eat solid food?
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  • Are eggs and meat safe to incorporate in child's diet?
  • Should a child be given milk before bedtime?
  • How to avoid constipation in babies?
  • Should salt and sugar be avoided at the early stages of child's growth cycle?
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  • How should spices be introduced in a child's diet?
  • What type of food should a toddler eat on a daily basis?
  • How to tackle nutrition deficiency when child avoid proper meals?
  • Can Ragi be given to a toddler throughout the year?
  • When should solid food be introduced to babies?
  • Looking for food to improve your child's immunity?
  • How to get children to get green vegetables?
  • Are there any Substitutes for rice for a toddler?
tanya asked
4th Aug, 20 12:28 PM

fussy eating

Sonalee asked
1st Aug, 20 07:46 AM

My son is underweight and height is also not as per age. He is 7 yrs 8 months now but look like only 5 years. We had... read more

Praharsha asked
28th Jul, 20 04:34 PM

My daughter is 1 year 2 months old what quatity food i need to give

Sweta asked
24th Jul, 20 12:19 AM

My daughter is19 month she have constipation prob since march what to do

Nain asked
23rd Jul, 20 02:17 PM

My baby is not able to pass stool easily.. she runs while pooping

Devaansh asked
23rd Jul, 20 01:49 PM

my son does not drink any packet milk at all. he doesnot like the taste of the other milk. im still BF him.

Mehak asked
22nd Jul, 20 05:18 PM

My son weight is only 12 kg he is 3.6 year old pls suggest any food and powder for milk helping a gaining for weight

DARSI asked
5th Jul, 20 03:54 PM

My sin have cold and sneeze so he does not want to eat he prefeered only egg can i will give3 eggs in a day

Pallavi asked
4th Jul, 20 04:35 AM

How much foof quantity should a 17 month baby have in her 5 meal courses

Krupa asked
2nd Jul, 20 10:23 PM

Heyyy just wanna know if im checking any of the recipes how do I know for what age group is it???where is it mentioned? read more